I am an actor

Guide de Tatiana Jyn, éd. CIT

I am an actor: Spirituality in performer's acting, instruction manual!

Auteur : Tatiana Jyn
Éditeur : Creativ Innovation Teacher Edition

ISBN 978-2-9562845-4-3 - 152 pages - Format 130 x 130

The author here delivers an astute study of the theatre performer’s acting in considering the actor and his character as two distinct entities, each having their own distinct soul. The actor is the bodily vehicle of the character on earth. For the actor, it is a great responsibility.

This book enables every actor to understand and to reposition the place of spirituality into his stage acting in order to achieve an embodiment in full awareness. Within it are found thoughts and simple explanations enabling the actor to progress in this direction and to genuinely commune with his character.

This book is like a jigsaw which reveals the pieces of a whole. Randomly open it at any page and you will discover insight into an essential point of acting; nevertheless, if you read it from beginning to end you will obtain an image of the whole.

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jeu théâtral coach théâtral spiritualité et acting

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